Gentle Geldings of Wolfe City, Texas

Quarter Horses & Paints

Training & Sales

Full training
(for sale or not) is $800 per month which includes board (feed, cleaning, turn out, etc).

If your horse is just here for sale and does not need full training the price is $500 per month.

* Usually it does not take a full month for us to get horses sold. The first 30 days must always be paid up front when your horse arrives but if sold in less than 30 days you will be refunded the difference but we do have a $100 minimum to cover evaluation time, photography, etc in the case that the horse sells in (for example) 24 hours of being here, etc.

Both fees include (for sale horses):

* Sales prep & conditioning
* Board (feed, etc)
* Everyday stall or pen cleaning
* Everyday turn out or riding
* Professional photography
* Advertising, showing to buyers, etc.

When your horse sells I will take a 10% commission with a minimum of $500 off of the price. When you tell me what you would like to get price wise I try to add my commission and expected expenses so when they sell you do not have much, if any, out of pocket expense.

When you bring your horse to the ranch for consignment please make sure he or she is current on vet care such as vaccinations, worming, etc, foot care (freshly shod or trimmed), in good weight and can trot sound in both directions on hard ground. We have a $100 minimum for evaluation so if you bring your horse in and he or she is evaluated then for whatever reason he or she does not stay $400 will be refunded.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time! You can use our 'contact us' page or Email directly at If urgent Cassidy can be reached directly at (805)458-0793.

* We do not straight board horses, only horses that are here for training or to be sold. *